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C glo Salon-Spa  Services
A technique for highlighting the hair in which the lightener is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

$200.00/ this is a 2 1/2 hr plus service please consult with your stylist before booking your appointment.
Enjoy a complementary glass of wine, coffee, tea or bottled water when receiving your service.
You are our guest please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

We provide a variety of services including:
A technique to create dimension of light or dark, bold or natural throughout out your hair.

$100.00/ all throughout
$80.00/ in crown area and around your face
$10.00 an additional charge when using a buffer serum in your lightener to protect your cuticle. (ask your Stylist)
The art of covering and or changing your overall existing hair color.

$75.00/ first time application covering the entire head
$65.00/ covering the natural regrowth of the existing color (additional charges may be applied if the regrowth is more than a 1/2")
Keratin Treatments
A treatment that places Keratin back into your cuticle.  Results more manageable hair and reduces drying time by 50%  This service takes time to achieve your desired result, we ask that you schedule a complimentary consultation with your stylist and a deposit is required to book this appointment.

$250.00/ hair that is past the shoulders
$200.00/ hair that comes to the shoulders but not below
$150.00/ hair that is to the jaw line

A process that gives you a curl type of texture


Ask about Add on Services to protect your Investment
$35.00/ Glazing/ Color Balancing
​$18.00/ Color protective serum
$10.00/ Olaplex
$5.00/ per foil (highlighting or lowlight)
​$35.00/ Kerasilk Deep conditioning mask, includes a scalp massage

*Please ask your stylist about these additional services that will protect and enrich your color service
Women's Hair Cut & Styling
Our hair cuts include an invigorating shampoo and styling.  Hair cuts are based on time

$33.00/ 30min
​$38.00/ 45min
$45.00/ 60min
$60.00/ 90min
​$10.00/ Bang trim only, this service does not include shampoo, it does include styling of the bang only (styling the rest of your hair will be an additional charge)

Men's Hair Cut & Styling
Our hair cuts include an invigorating shampoo and styling.  

$23.00/ 30min
$10.00/ Beard Trim (in addition to the cut)

Childerns's Hair Cut & Styling
Our hair cuts include an invigorating shampoo and styling.  This service is for Children ages 1-6, children above 6 are adult prices

$15.00/ 20min

Women's Styling
Our blowouts include an invigorating shampoo and styling.  

$23.00/ 30min
​$35.00/ 45min (adding flat ironing)
$60.00/ Formal up Style (No shampoo hair MUST be clean and dry)

Lash Extensions
We carefully isolate one of your natural lashes and adhere a signal synthetic lash on the top of your natural lash with a medical grade adhesive.  This process is tedious and initially takes around 2 hours.  Your lashes do shed everyday (1-3) so in order to keep them full you must fill them every 3/4 weeks. Your lash tech can answer any questions you may have. Note please invest in the at home care products that we sell to care for your lashes.

$185.00/ Full Set 2hrs
​$55.00/ 3/4 week fill 75min
$215.00/Volume Full Set 2 1/2hrs
$75.00/3/4 week Volume fill 90min
​$3.00/ per volume cluster

Body Waxing
We use the highest quality of body wax for all skin types.  Please consult with your tech about the sensitivity of your skin so she may insure that the right wax is chosen for you.

$40.00/ both Arms
$25.00/under Arms (both)
$35.00/half Leg (both)
$65.00/full Leg (both)
​$55.00/ entire Back
$45.00/entire Chest
$30.00/ Bikini
$65.00/Brazilian (please add $10.00 to include the bum)
$100.00/Male Brazilian
$55.00/French Bikini
$15.00/Facial (chin, side burns)

Manicure's and Pedicure's
Soak in a Cuccio bath, enjoy a sea-salt exfoliation, for those of you with more sensitive skin we offer a mild exfoliate (please let your tech know if you are sensitive) followed my a soothing mask and leg/foot massage.
Your nails will be filled, buffed, cuticles addressed, and calluses removed.  Choose the color you desire in traditional polish, gel polish, or infinite shine polish.

$25.00/ Mani (infinite shine or traditional polish)
​$45.00/ Pedi (infinite shine or traditional polish)
$35.00/ Gel Mani
$55.00/ Gel Pedi
$15.00/ Gel removal (this is either Mani or Pedi $30.00 to remove both)
*We offer a pre-booking option if you would like to have a standing appointment and continue to enjoy your chip free mani or pedi.
How it works: at check out please re-book your gel mani/pedi service, keep your appointment and we will comp the gel removal charge! It's that simple
$20.00/ Express Mani
$2.00/ Creative Design (per design)
$15.00/ Child mani 10 and under
$25.00/Child pedi 10 and under

We offer makeup application for any occasion.  We ask that you provide your own mascara. For an additional charge we can apply false strip lashes for you.  Please call and speak to our makeup artist before your appointment if you would like to have false strip lashes applied .

$60.00/ makeup application
$10.00/ Strip lashes applied